I created Josiah Hincks Mediation as the firm’s lead civil and commercial legal mediator. We aim to help those involved in litigation to resolve their dispute through a process known as mediation. I am a civil mediator in Leicester. I do not do family mediation but do commercial mediation in Leicester.

I carry out mediations for other lawyers’ clients and am usually instructed directly or through Clerksroom Mediation or the Association of Midlands Mediators. You should read my pages about What is Mediation, How Mediation Works, and my Mediation CV.

Steven Mather Mediator CV

Free eBook entitled “Successful Mediation” 

In short, mediation is a way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court. Two or more parties, together with the mediator, will explore ways in which settlement of the case can be achieved at a Mediation Settlement Conference.

Mediation is:

  • cheaper than going to Court
  • quicker than going to Court
  • totally confidential
  • entirely voluntary
  • able to create solutions to disputes that Courts cannot

As a mediator in Leicester, Steven Mather is able to deal with any kind of commercial or civil legal dispute. 90% of our instructions come from solicitors or other legal advisors. We can however accept instructions to mediate from parties acting in person, providing there is no conflict of interest.

In most cases, disputes are successfully settled within 3 hours although some may last all day, depending on the issues at hand. 80% of all cases mediated will either settle on the day, or shortly thereafter.

Whether you are a party involved in litigation or a solicitor acting for a client involved in a dispute, Steven Mather can help you. To find out more information, please download our “Introduction to Mediation” PDF or contact Steven Mather at Josiah Hincks Mediation on 0116 255 1811.

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