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Franchise Disputes over Franchise Agreeements happen quite regularly and I am very experienced with dealing with all kinds of franchise disputes.

Franchising is a fast growing sector in the UK and there are lots of opportunities for new business ventures. Unfortunately, there is a rise in franchise disputes as well, between Franchisor and Franchisee.

Franchisor = Head Company

Franchisee = Individual

A Franchisor is often a well established business with a great system, product or service which wants to expand and what better way to do it than Franchising. The Franchisor puts together the System (Franchise Manual) and a Franchise Agreement (I can help draft Franchise agreements for you too) and then goes to market, seeking to attract new Franchisees to “buy the franchise”. Buying a franchise means you pay an initial sum of money to the company in return for the system, training, goods/products etc. That all depends on what franchise is being purchased.

The Franchisee then starts out in business, using the “proven” System, to get new customers and make some real money.

There will be some on going Franchise fees to pay, usually a percentage of sales/turnover.

Franchise Disputes usually arise in a couple of different ways:

  • Misrepresentation – the Franchisor makes claims that this Franchise will make you a £1m within the first 6 months, and it does not;
  • Breach of contract – the Franchisor was supposed to do X or provide Y but didnt, which means the Franchisee cannot run the business fully or profitably.

These are the main two issues which arise with franchise disputes, and as an experienced franchise dispute resolution solicitor, Steven Mather can help. There are of course other issues which arise with franchises, such as competiton setting up in breach of restrictive covenants, the franchise terrority being changed, etc.

Whether you are a Franchisor or a Franchisee, I can help with your legal problems and ensure that your franchise dispute is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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