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Contract Disputes Solicitor Leicester

Most commercial disputes I deal with are contract disputes. They will often be referred to as breach of contract claims, contract law disputes or simply commercial litigation.

Almost every dispute a business will encounter will stem from a contract. It might be a written contract, such as Terms and Conditions, or a Supply Contract (which can be called a wide range of names). It might be written but informally, such as on an email or detailed in a one page letter – its still a contract. If it’s not a written contract (an express contract) then it will likely be an oral contract – where you spoke and agreed to do something – and now there’s a dispute about what the terms of that contract are.

At its basics, a contract is an agreement that one party will do something in return for (usually) money paid by the other party. Its a supplier and purchaser, a customer, a client. It could be a building contract, a supply contract, it could be for goods or for services.

In law all a contract requires is an offer, an acceptance of that offer and consideration. I am an expert contract law disputes solicitors and I am able very quickly to help you determine what the contract was.

Quite often, contract disputes that I am instructed on do relate to a written agreement. Within that agreement there will be conditions or warranties. A condition is an obligation to do something. A warranty is a promise about something. You might be a customer or a supplier, but if you have a dispute about a contract then I can help you.

The “breach” of contract is usually non payment. However, it can be something else, such as delay (time issues), poor quality work or goods, breach of restrictive covenants or something else undesirable.

In recent times I have been involved in the following breach of contract claims:

  • Breach of Agency Agreement due to non payment of commission
  • Construction industry dispute regarding the supply of faulty products
  • Sub-contractor dispute against main contractor for non payment
  • Dispute over faulty glue products supplied to end user through 3 different suppliers
  • Breach of Restrictive Covenants
  • breach of sale and purchase agreements
  • breach of employment contracts
  • joint venture agreements
  • shareholder agreement disputes
  • partnership disputes

It matters not what the contract is or relates to, or what the breach is, I can help. Usually, the first step will be to write to the other party and set out why we consider them to be in breach (and if necessary set out what we say the terms of the contract were). Once we have a response, I can consider the merits of any potential contract law claim and if necessary consider litigation via County Courts or High Courts. That depends on value and complexity. I will fight your corner robustly and ensure results. The result of course depends on the strength of your case. If you have a strong case, we will go to Court and fight to win. If there are some issues in your case, we may look at alternatives to litigation, such as mediation or ADR including simple negotiation.

I am more than happy to have a quick initial chat with you to help you work out whether your contract dispute is worth fighting. I am a top contract law dispute solicitor in Leicester and my firm, Josiah Hincks, is one of the regions best law firms. We would be delighted to assist your business in any contract dispute claim.

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