Compromise/Settlement Agreements for Employees – Free Advice

Settlement Agreements (used to be called Compromise Agreements) are legally binding agreements given to Employees by Employers. They are agreements under which you agree not to sue your employer and in return you will get a payment (settlement payment, termination payment).

If you have been given a compromise agreement by your Employer and told to speak to an independent solicitor, then you need to speak to me. I am a settlement agreement specialist and work from my firm’s three offices in Leicester City, South Leicester (Blaby) and North Leicester (Coalville).

I can help you review your settlement agreement and negotiate the sums you’ll receive under it so that you get the best payout from your employer possible.

In recent months, I have been involved in some high value settlement agreements, well over £100,000 each as well as small (£1000 upward) cases. My value lies in my expert negotiation skills combined with detailed knowledge of employment law and unfair dismissal law. Where the situation allows, I have always managed to increase the level of ex gratia compensation on offer.

Most of the time, instructing Steven to review your settlement agreement will be free – your employer will usually contribute to the legal fees.

You should also take a look at our dedicated website

I can assist you in:

  • Signing a settlement agreement
  • Negotiating a settlement agreement
  • Amending a settlement agreement
  • Creating a settlement agreement
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