Fork in the road

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When I first created this site I was unemployed/freelance/undecided as to what I was doing. I did various things to pay the bills. It served a purpose; it meant people could find out more about me, I could blog about interesting legal stuff, other stuff, and promote some of my little businesses.

On 1st April I became a Partner of Josiah Hincks Solicitors in Leicester. This changes everything and nothing.

With immediate effect, this site will not have any non legal articles. Nothing promoting anything but my new firm.

I intend to refocus this site on blogging about employment law, mediation and dispute resolution, and perhaps legal tech/marketing for law firms, which I’m interested in.

I think it’s incredibly important for lawyers to have their own brand as well as the brand of your firm. I am Josiah Hincks now, no doubt about that, and everything I do will be to benefit that business and ultimately me. But everyone googles everyone and so I think it’s important that my website properly and professionally represents me.