Online Marketing for Law Firms

I am pleased to launch a new website for my firm, Josiah Hincks Solicitors, called Rate Swap Advice.

If you do not know, all of the big banks, including Barclays, HSBC, RBS/Natwest, Lloyds and Yorkshire Bank have over the last 5 years been selling products known as “rate swaps” or Derivative Rate Swaps/Interest Rate Swaps/Interest Hedging etc. They are a complicated financial product not appropriate for many small business to which they were sold.

I don’t want to blow my firm’s trumpet, but we are one of the only Solicitors in Leicester with experience and know-how to deal with financial services litigation. So I created a new website to gain exposure to rate swap claims being brought against the banks.

My firm were one of the first to act on PPI claims before they went mainstream. We’re now leading the way on rate swap mis-selling.

This post is more than simply SEO for that site though. Its an insight to my idea and concept of how law firms need to market in this New Era.

Its simply not good enough to have a yellow pages advert. Or even a website showcasing the firm. I believe that our prospective clients are looking for relevant, contexual, information – the internet is about accessing information. Provide a client with information and yes sure they may choose to use another solicitor, but its likely that they will then validate the information they’ve absorbed with other sources. They will look at the firm’s main website. They will ask around. They will research the firm online, eg on Good Solicitors Guide etc tha. Heck, they will likely ask friends and colleagues on Social Media like Twitter and Facebook.

So a mini marketing plan is to get a website out their providing information. But then to listen for buying signals on social media. Help the client. Be transparent, but helpful.

My background in being what I described somewhat tongue-in-cheek as a “Webentreprenuer” means that I (hopefully) have a good grasp of how the web works. I’ve ran websites since 1997, at time when many people didnt have internet connections at home, never mind so ingrained into our daily existence as it is now.

The market-driving forces in the legal world is not ABS or Tesco Law (although they do bring about new challenges), but its Amazon, Compare The Market and eBay. Those sites are leading the way in how consumers interact with suppliers online.

Law firms need to adapt to the changing landscape. Creating off shoot sites is just one idea of many that I believe is required to lead the way.

Here’s hoping! But in the meantime, if you know of anyone that has potentially been mis-sold a rate swap product, get in touch with our Rate Swap Solicitors