What is Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP.

NLP to me means more than just nice little phrases.
It’s been a new level of personality
A nuanced look at possibility
And it’s helped me to develop a “never lay passive” approach to life.

NLP to me is more than next level performance.
It’s new likable people
Despite never learning presuppositions
I now long personal relationships

You see, NLP to me is more than not looking pessimistic
It’s meant I do not like pisstaking (as much)
Although I now love psychology
But nonchalantly linger precisely

NLP is a natural life progression
Yet its news for lovers’ probably.
Neighborhoods languish poorly without the
Newfound love for people

NLP to me is negativity left prescribed to
The nonsense losers prohibited from
Not looking positively at what is
Now. look. Ponder.

NLP has given me a new lease of person
Against nervously listening perhaps or
Naively letting people control their
Narcississticaly loving point of view

NLP for me is about naked lust for personality
No longer predictable
A nadir of life produced
From a nascent limb pour l’amour

NLP is more than just nice little phases
It’s a whole new life of possibilities.